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In order to boost your ability to accomplish a lot and be powerfully productive, start with simple goal setting steps  are able to do.  Several highly successful individuals set goals daily in order that they recognize what is required for the day, then get busy accomplishing those goals. Here  I want to give you 5 straightforward steps you’ll use to assist you goal setting.  They are simple and something anyone can do to become more productive.

Write Them Down

First, make certain to write down down the goals you truly wish to complete.  Many of us simply acknowledge the goals we want to achieve, but never really write them down.  Some might question whether writing down goals can really make a difference. Writing them down (either on paper or electronically via tablet, an app, etc.) starts to creates a record of what you want to try to do, so you’ll refer back to them from time to time.  This way you can  see whether or not you actually achieved what you wanted to do for the day.

Make Your Goal Setting Real

Second, write down realistic goals for the day, week, and month. These goals have to be strong and compelling to be goals  you’ll realistically tackle.  If you write down goals that just are not possible to achieve within the period of time you set, you’ll be discouraged about not reaching them and decide that goal setting doesn’t work for you.

Break It Down

Third, when you set larger goals (especially those  where it will take many days or longer to finish), break them down into smaller, manageable tasks that can be finished in perhaps half a day. Estimate how many half day increments it will take to complete the goal.  Then when you are goal setting each day, incorporate each half day step into your plan.


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Fourth, near the end of your day, take a break to review your progress for the goals you wanted to accomplish that day. If you see your aren’t going to reach that specific goal, take a moment to consider why.

  • Was it because you didn’t give it your best effort?
  • Were you procrastinating?
  • Was it because of some external circumstance you couldn’t control?

Confirm what it was and, if it truly was through your own personal fault, think about what you’ll stop doing that is preventing you from accomplishing your future goals.

Reward Yourself

Fifth, after you review your goals for the day, if you finished each one of your goals, pat yourself on the back and reward yourself with one thing- do something you really like.  For me it would be playing guitar for a few minutes.  But you might reward yourself by playing your favorite music, checking a fun website, etc.

When you continually accomplish your goals each day and started knocking off longer-term goals, think about indulging yourself with one thing even more significant or rewarding – maybe a vacation, a new item you wanted to shop for, longer time off, etc. By rewarding yourself after you accomplish your goals, you’ll reinforce the actions  that you that led you to succeed in the goals you wanted to finish.


Goal setting can be easy, rewarding and fun.  The sense of accomplishment when you finish a goal is very satisfying.  If you are having trouble achieving the things you want to do, try using this simple, five step process.


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