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Increase Your Willpower Muscle

Wouldn’t it be great to have a little extra boost of willpower when you need it most? It would make it a lot easier to adhere to our plans and reach our goals rather than succumbing to temptation. Well, you’re in luck. I’m about to share 5 different ideas and methods with you that assist you to increase willpower whenever you need it.

Let’s dive in and explore these willpower “power-ups.”.


Take It One Task At A Time

The very best method to strengthen willpower is to focus it on one task at a time. It’s tempting to get encouraged and start to change everything simultaneously. I get it. Unfortunately it’s not the most successful technique.

Rather, focus on one change at a time and use all your willpower to take it from brand-new behavior to well-established habit prior to proceeding to the next change. When you focus them on one thing at a time, your willpower efforts will strengthen many times over.


Discover An Accountability Partner

It’s a lot easier to do what you set out to do when you understand that someone is alongside you. You’ll pause more often before giving in to temptation when you know you have to report any slip-ups or incidents to this individual.

When both of you have the same or similar objectives and can hold each other accountable, having an accountability partner is even more effective.


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Track Your Progress

To increase willpower you have to know from where you start and how your efforts are growing.

Frequently, change comes in small increments, and it can be hard to see development. Track it in a journal, a spreadsheet or any other method that makes sense to you. Review it at least weekly and see how far you’ve already come. There’s nothing like it to keep you going.


Increase Willpower To Create Habits

Utilize your willpower strategically to develop brand-new routines and regimens. Once something starts to end up being a daily practice, it takes less and less willpower to keep it up.

Keep working on what you desire to change until it becomes routine.  Once it becomes a habit or routine you will need less raw willpower to keep it going.



Remind Yourself Of Your “Why”

There’s absolutely nothing better than inspiration to increase willpower. The very best way to stay focused is to continuously advise yourself of why you’re doing what you’re doing.

The “why” is the reason that you want to accomplish your long-lasting objective. Define it, digging deep to discover the important things that really encourage you. Then remind yourself frequently of your huge “why.”

Put it on a sticky note, create a vision board, or install other reminders of it all around you. Take a look at them, read them, and consume them anytime you want an additional willpower boost.

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    • Anna-Anne Willove

      This was very inspiring for me. I’ve always tried to find an accountability partner. Needed to hear this today

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