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There comes the point in everyone’s life when you start to feel the intense desire to find your soul purpose in life. Not being where you really want to be is, sadly, a disappointing and frustrating experience.

If you feel frustrated by not having the ability to find your calling, here are 7 quick pointers to help you find out your real purpose.

Do Many Things

While it may feel a bit frustrating to have a great deal of interests, it is among the most essential steps to figuring out your soul purpose. It is much better to have a lot of options and interests than none at all.

Put all the things that interest you and focus on just 2 of them to start. Scratch it off the list and move on if you realize it’s not what you thought.


Stay True to Yourself

Since you’ve already invested time and money into the pursuit, simply stop doing what you dislike. If you can’t do it right away, make a plan to extricate yourself from things that drain your soul.

The secret to getting unstuck is to take the steps towards doing what you like. Do not feel you need to be confined to a box and stop fretting about being defined by a single thing.

5 Steps To Finding Your Purpose In Life

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Focus On Yourself

I don’t mean this in a selfish way.  Realize that you can’t continue to compare your starts to another person’s status or place in life. While other people’s accomplishments can inspire and guide us, an individual’s soul purpose in life is unique to them.

If you are always watching and comparing your journey to the life of those around you, you will never ever discover your real passion in life. Focus on you and where you remain in your journey.  Stop stressing about everyone else around you.


Let Go of Fear

Due to the fact that you can’t see the future without taking the very first action, worry will cause you to pass up opportunities.  For you to find your true calling, you will need to make some leaps of faith.

Let go of that fear and dive in head first.


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Be Still

We tend to get confused with all the concepts, ideas, and emotions that are swarming through our minds.  Too much time trying to sort all this out leaves us to end up being frustrated because we can’t see to figure our life out.

Sometimes, we need just to do nothing to understand that what we are passionate about has remained in front of us the whole time.  Get away from things, even for a few hours, and you’ll be amazed at how clear all the issues become.  Often I go for a run and that time away, on the road, let’s me clear my mind and think about things I would have never considered sitting at my desk.


Ignore The Cash

Money should not be the identifying factor in what you finish with your life. When you bring money into the formula, you will constantly end up doing something that you’re not enthusiastic about. When you are genuinely delighted about something, and there is market for it, you’ll determine how to make a living from it.


Check Into Your Past

Consider what you delighted in doing when you were more youthful. Think of what it is that you provided for fun and entertainment.

Try to bear in mind the things that made you curious and what you envisioned doing or working with in the future.  A lot of this gets buried through the years, so spend some time thinking about it.  Jot them down and see what still holds your attention.


Finding your soul purpose in life will require time. However, by following these 7 suggestions, you will find your purpose before you know it.