About Richard

Richard Yadon is a writer, speaker, entrepreneur and imperfect Christian!  He helps managers, executives, business leaders and owners to find their unique purpose and design, so they can achieve more fulfillment, meaning, and impact in their personal and professional lives.

He currently serves as President and CEO of the MMS Group and Jentrey Marketing Group.

Richard is a US Navy veteran, father of two wonderful adult children, and married 35 years to his incredible wife Valarie.  Together they make their home in the Nashville, TN area.

Working with his clients to uncover their true potential, he emphasizes self-honesty and constant balance, steering away from the burnout and exhaustion that are so common among highly-motivated people.

Richard has seen time and again what happens when people are willing to fight for their visions. He strives to impact the world in a positive way and to effect mindset shifts that lead to greater productivity and lower energy expenditure simultaneously.

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