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This year one of my music goals to accomplish is to record a 4 or 5 song EP of blues standards. I am playing all instruments and doing all vocals, recording it in my home. It is something I've wanted to do for a long time simply because I enjoy the creative and technical process of recording.

Although I've recorded before (it has been more than 30 years!), a multi-song EP, doing all the work, is a bit of an undertaking. Since I'm not a full time musician I can only work on it in the spare moments that I can catch here and there. When I started planning this project last Fall it was a bit overwhelming and I started to doubt whether I could even get 4 songs done in 12 months. The thought of all I had to do almost shut down the project for me.

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Accomplish Big Things With Small Steps

If I really want to accomplish this, I decided I would just focus on one song at a time, give myself 2 months per song, leaving me 3 to 4 months to fine-tune it at the end the year. Then for the first song I scheduled out when I would record the drum track, the bass, rhythm guitar and so on. Then I sat down and got started working on the drum track. Now, almost two months after I started, I only need to record the lead guitar track and I will be finished with the first song. Had I not nudged myself to just get started on one little piece I'd still be thinking about how I was going to get all of it completed.

Sometimes a little forward momentum is all we need. Just that first track gave me a sense of accomplishment that encouraged me to keep going.

If you are stuck in your journey, perhaps a nudge can get you moving as well. Take just a moment and look at living your passion as just a series of small steps. What is a small step you can take TODAY? Take it. Make today a day of accomplishment.

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