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Ideas are the currency of the 21st century ~ Claudia Altucher

Could you come up with 10 original ideas, everyday, for the next six months?

That's the challenge of the book I am reading Become An Idea Machine by Claudia Altucher.  It encourages the reader to exercise their ability to come up with ideas just as an athlete would exercise their muscles.  If you do believe that ideas are the "currency of the 21st Century", then you need to know who to mint this kind of money.

It is not easy to meet this challenge.  You'll need some time and some brain power each day, something that a busy, stressful schedule can strap.  The book prompts you with daily topics to dream and think about.  The idea prompts range from "Solve 10 Hard Gratitude Problems" on Day One and range through almost every imaginable topic, arriving at "10 Words of Wisdom From You To Anyone Who May Be Thinking of Trying This Idea Machine" on Day 180.  You can come up with the zaniest ideas or only the most practical.  It doesn't matter. What is important is that you spend time coming up with ideas everyday.  Over the long run it will improve your problem solving ability, sharpen your creativity, and increase your influence at work and in your community.  Who wouldn't want a friend, employee, or partner who can come with with great ways to help solve problems?

Candidly I tried to start the book right before the holidays.  Matt Wolfe, one of my business coaches, recommended it to me.  No excuses, but I got busy with other things and didn't take the time to create my ideas.  Not that I didn't HAVE the time, I didn't TAKE the time.  Big difference.  So I am launching into it again Monday with the commitment to have 1800 new ideas by July 16, 2016.

Who is going to join me?