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It’s All In Your Head podcast host, Jackie Colbeth, first received treatment for Depression as an adolescent at the same time she began struggling with drug and alcohol abuse. She was eventually diagnosed with BiPolar II Depression in 2004 after a decade of being misdiagnosed, addicted and yanked on and off different medications. In this conversation, Jackie also shares what it was like to seek treatment for her Alcoholism and accept her BiPolar II Depression.

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Chapter Timecodes
0:00 Intro
01:14 This week’s guest
03:13 Managing BiPolar II Depression vs. Substance Abuse
04:51 The stigma around BiPolar II Disorder
08:12 Getting misdiagnosed & finding the right treatment
14:48 Becoming addicted to alcohol and other substances
22:46 Going to inpatient rehab for substance abuse as a teenager
26:10 How substance abuse impacted her family & being sent to boarding school
33:53 Jackie’s journey to sobriety
42:08 Understanding & dealing with suppressed emotions after becoming sober
48:02 Managing BiPolar II symptoms after becoming sober
52:36 Accepting her BiPolar II Disorder & sharing her story
58:53 Jackie’s advice for anyone battling mental health challenges
1:00:45 Outro

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