Nobody is going to say that your kids are trivial to you. But something that you might be guilty of is committing so much time to them that you have nothing left for you!

Desiring to be there for your kids is a normal parenting instinct. It is very simple to overdo this by providing them whatever they want. If you work full time outside the home, this is very real.

While your intentions are fantastic, have you ever thought about if this is actually what your children desire? Have you taken the time to ask them if they would choose to do an after school sport instead of investing more time with you?

Be careful here as well.  This too can get things out fo balance.

By enrolling them in great deals of activities it simply makes more work for both you and them. Once they get home, your child might have trouble getting all of their house work done or just be too worn out.

Many moms and dads do have a hard time attempting to create a balance with work and their kids. One method around this is to actually discuss your work with your children. In this manner they can understand why your time is limited and they can get a peek into what you do for a living.  You might be surprised at how little your family knows about what you actually do for a living!

When you can share what is going on at work with your kids, they may be more motivated to help out at home. If they don't understand why you are constantly home late or have to work after dinner they can't help you.

One important thing for you and your children to discover is to how to say  'no' to specific things. Sometimes you just need to say 'no' if you are asked to assist at a function and actually don't have the time. Don't feel guilty about this, feel positive that you are positioning your family before others.

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