For anybody who wants to create more balance in their life, in your home, and at work there are various areas that you need to look at.

When it comes to leading a well-balanced life, you might not in fact be conscious of how all these various parts of your, and their intersections, affect you.

When people start to look for more balance in their life, they usually consider these:

- Spouse
- Children
- Parents
- Relatives
- Friends
- Work
- Colleagues
- Boss
- Your own health

If you are pleased with each one, take a look at each area and see if you can leverage what you are doing right.

Ask yourself these questions:

- Do I spend enough time with these individuals?
- Do I agree them?
- Do I enjoy what I am doing?
- Do I eat a healthy diet plan?
- Do I work out enough?

If you aren't delighted with your answers to these questions, then you may have an area that you want to focus on.

If you aren't exercising adequately, search for ways to improve this. Can you integrate exercise into a family activity such as going swimming or hiking?  This fulfills you in 2 areas, spending quality time on exercise and spending quality time with your family.

If your response to the work question is 'no', that you dislike your job, look for methods to remedy this. Can you ask for a transfer to another job or department or even transfer to a new workplace? Or is it time to search for a brand-new position altogether?

When you have even one area that you are dissatisfied with, this can mess up any balance in your life. The above list of areas are only suggestions and you may have others that you wish to examine.

Merely create your own list of the individuals and things that are very important to you. Analyze each one to see if you are delighted with the present results of each.

If not, determine if..

a) how crucial they in fact are and

b) what you can do to improve this.

Because after some consideration they aren't as essential as you thought, your actions could be to cross them off your list.

When you have a balance in your life at home and at work you ought to always be:

- Happy with your present situation.
- Able to deal with any challenge life throws at you.
- Have contentment.
- Be delighted with the individual that you are.

So now it is your turn to begin producing more balance in your life.  List the areas that are a priority for you and ask they questions.  In tomorrow's lesson we'll start to look more specifically at the areas of life most of us find are out of balance!

Talk to you then.


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