It can be challenging to not bring home your work and job with you. You may have a demanding position or you might dislike your job and you bring this house with you.

Just how can you balance your individual life and your job without letting the other suffer?

If your job is demanding, you may be tempted to bring work home with you. On the other hand, if you dislike your task you feel like going home and ranting about it.

When you bring work home it can interfere with the time you have to invest with your family. You may just mean to spend 30 minutes proof reading, however, this becomes a couple of hours. By the time you are done your kids are in bed and you wonder why they don't engage with you as much as they used to.

On the other hand, if all you do is shout and yell when you get home, this also has an unfavorable result on those around you. As much as they desire you to be home, they can begin to dread that time.

If your workload is too much is there a way to reduce it? Does your employer know that you are bringing home work?  Yes, sometimes it is unavoidable, I've done it myself.  It's when it become habitual, or worse, expected, that it becomes a real problem.

Don't try to be the work hero and do it all alone. Don't be the one who is counted on to pull every all nighter. It just isn't possible and your personal life, along with your health, could suffer. Listen -- this is the voice of experience speaking!

Try to prioritize what needs to be done prior to when you leave work each evening. This way, in the early morning, you can look after the most essential, time-consuming or difficult tasks first thing.

If you just hate your job outright (been there too!) and do absolutely nothing but relieve your frustration by shouting at your family,  then perhaps it is time to start to find a brand-new job.

Research has shown that going to a job you dislike every day can put you into  extreme anxiety.
Even driving to work can end up being dangerous. You are dreading reaching work and may not be paying adequate attention on the roadway. One day you simply might not arrive at work or in your home either. Is your job worth it?

Remember, jobs will always come and go.  Your family is there forever.

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