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Several years ago I had the opportunity to be a "featured extra" in the movie We Are Marshal. I was on the set for about two days and had a first hand look at the movie making process (not to mention a brief conversation with Matthew McConaughey!) Making a movie is a mammoth operation. I used to think movies were all about the actors. Not true. It is really all about the Director. The Director sets the schedule, hires the crew, chooses the locations, manages the budget, manages the producers and studio, and ultimately casts the actors. The Writers create the script, but it is the Director who creates the overall vision of what the movie will become. The casting is extremely important. Get the wrong actors and even a great script will fail. What if you worked as the Director of your life's Purpose? Your passion is the script. You have the freedom take any action, manage your budget, and create the vision you want. The people you surround yourself with will also have a huge impact on your story as well. You want to build your cast with as much selectivity as a movie Director. These people can either propel or hinder you on your life's mission. Take a look at the cast of characters that surround you today. Do you need to make any new casting decisions?

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