Claudia AltucherI’m the co-author of WSJ and USA Today Best Seller: “The Power Of No”​ (HayHouse 2014) which I wrote together with LinkedIn Influencer James Altucher. I’m also the author of the Amazon best-seller book in Entrepreneurship and Consulting: “Become An Idea Machine“​ (Choose Yourself Media 2015)

I’m the host of “The Yoga Podcast”​ where I bring high quality yoga guests such as Saraswathi Jois, Kino McGregor, Paul Dallaghan, Gregor Maehle, etc..

I also co-host of the “Ask Altucher”​ show. You can send any questions you may have (about money, love, relationships, being stuck, divorce, fear, happiness, etc, by text, to 203-512-2161, yes that is James’s personal cell phone number) – We will answer them ‘on the air’​, on an Ask Altucher show.

For Choose Yourself Media LLC which I co-own, I am Vice-President of talent manager, an executive producer of live and online events (In London we had 1000 people coming in to see James) and also a Producer of theme videos as well as yoga videos. And, I do anything that has to be done.

I teach a FREE OPEN 30’​ YOGA CLASS on Periscope every Friday at 7AM EST. Join me on Twitter @ClaudiaYoga to get the link each week.

I also share my personal yoga practice on Periscope every day except Saturdays, moon-days, and “ladies holidays”​.

On occasion I do public speaking about:
1) The power of becoming an idea machine (I’ve spoken at Arnold World-Wide, NYU, and LinkedIn)
2) Learning to say “NO”​ (I will be appearing on CNBC’s show “Live and Learn”​ in the Fall of 2015)
3) Story Telling, because I am a “cantadora” (keeper of the healing stories) (gave a talk at Dallas Cowboy Stadium)
4) Or, teaching yoga at retreats around the country in English or Spanish (Recently at Kripalu).