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You might think your business values you, however here’s a newsflash – most don’t.  Their work life balance theory is not about your passions or priorities.  It is more about tipping the balance scale in their favor.

People typically have a higher point of view of their worth to a firm than the company has in them. It’s reasonable as there was a time when individuals remained with a business up until retired life.

It’s certainly true that your front line manager might think you are a terrific worker. They would love you to stay at the company for life. He or she speaks extremely well of you to others and attempts to offer any kind of benefit he or she has the power to provide.

Even if this is your situation at work, you will certainly need to stay on par with newer skills. That is a mistake many individuals make. They get comfy with their positions as well as don’t do much to maintain current competency.



What takes place when the manager who loves you leaves the firm?

You will have to give the new manager a reason to like you.  Don’t assume your stellar reputation will transfer over to the new person.

What does every one of this have to do with work-life balance?

Recognize that while  you aren’t as irreplaceable as you might believe, do not sacrifice your life for any kind of company.

Years ago, working in corporate America was different.  A work life balance theory was not a real consideration.  Workers were all-too-happy to stick with a firm through to retirement. They had task safety and security as well as had little reason ever to leave a company. Companies at that time valued employees and also valued the lifelong expertise these workers offered the table.


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Today, often times when firms discover a person that is maybe younger  (and less expensive to employ) you will be shown the door. It is not supposed to happen and there is some protection for older workers.  But in reality, it happens more than you might think.  If you are fortunate, you’ll receive a decent separation package, yet there’s no assurance of that.

I caution you to keep these ideas in mind when you believe your boss appreciates you staying late for the company. The individual might, but the corporation may not really care.  It might even help in the short-term.

I am writing from experience.  It is something to consider when you go all in for the company and push your other passions and priorities aside.

Stephen Covey said it best when he wrote about climbing the corporate ladder only to find it was leaning against the wrong wall.

Don’t wait until then to find out you would have been much better off doing something you enjoy, such as nurturing and cultivating relationships with your family members.


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You may work for a firm that wants you to work lots of hours. They told you to just work half days – what you do with the other 12 hours is your business.

Companies that drive staff members to burning the midnight oil are doing a disservice to the workers as well as to themselves.

It’s understandable that firms want to get the most out of the resources they have. Yet without a great work-life balance, business are putting stress on their employees.

You are going to miss out on out on a lot of the tasks of your home life if you are regularly at the office late evenings and weekend breaks. You’ll miss the ball games of your children or the talent shows. You won’t have time to spend with your spouse. If this persists, you will alienate them.  No one laid on their deathbed and wished they had spent more time at the office!

What firms need to understand is that providing staff members even more time to spend with family actually contributes to their employee’s overall productivity. Shortsighted companies concentrate exclusively on the bottom line and equate even more hours with even more efficiency.

After a while, staff members become resentful of business that require all their time. As more staff members begin to realize this, these firms will begin to see retention issues.

Workers will certainly be glad to put in added hours when they are required for the companies that make long hours the exception rather than the norm. In fact, these companies will usually hear employees recommending staying late when a due date is approaching.

A company has the upper hand as they are in control of income and incentives. They can incorporate this into their work life balance theory. Workers also have other options.

They can decide to take their talents to other companies, or they might just start a business of their own.

Companies that appreciate employees by encouraging and facilitating a balanced life will be rewarded with loyalty and increased productivity.  If your company isn’t one of these, you owe it to yourself, your passions, and your life to find one who is!


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