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I'm going to bet that you already have a good sense about the nature of your Purpose. As one who believes it is God given, instilled within our soul, I feel we all have this sense. Few take the time and effort to really sort it out. Circumstances and passivity have a way of steering us into ruts that we toil within for years and years. The nagging sense that we should be doing something else, or at least investing our life into something more, remains with us despite our best efforts to rationalize it away. That is how I came to create this blog and provide this service. As I look back on all the career roles I've held and interests I pursued, they were attempts to fully actualize my Purpose. They all have used and further developed my skills, talents and gifts. It took me almost 20 years to realize this and another five years to do something about it. I don't want others to do the same thing. Those that are willing can find their Purpose and more forward much more quickly than I have.  

[Tweet "From @RichardYadon "indecision and fear will kill your Purpose""]

Discovering your purpose can be a challenge. So much in our culture distracts us from the meditation, contemplation, and soul searching the discovery process requires. Living your Purpose is a different kind of journey. For me there were two primary obstacles that kept me from moving forward.
  1. Indecision - I wasn't sure if I could invest the time and energy to do what I am doing now. Frankly there is a cost to live my Purpose, in that it takes away from my business. There is an excellent story about Charlotte Kingston, a former BBC exec, and how she tackled indecision.  I encourage you to read it.
  2. Fear - primarily of change. It is not easy for us to admit fear, especially men. Nor is it in vogue these days to admit fear of change. We are told often to "embrace change".  I agree with that if it is reasoned change. I was cautious and sometimes stuck because I was unsure about the kind of change living my Purpose might bring into my life.
Indecision and fear; two things no one wants to admit they have, yet we all have to deal with them. Don't let indecision and fear hold you back from living what you were designed to do. Living your Purpose does not have to happen overnight. What does need to happen overnight is a commitment to do so. Make that commitment today and start on the most adventurous journey of your life. For my Christian friends I've added HERE some additional thoughts on indecision...