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This Addiction Can Defeat Your Purpose

It is not commonly classified as an addiction, but it is nonetheless. As defined in the dictionary, an addiction is.."the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing, or activity." You could also add that it is something that impacts your life in a potentially negative way. My addiction fits that definition.

What is my addiction? DISTRACTION

By that I mean, pulled off course to the extent that I drift into the woods and lose sight of the road. My addiction to distraction is due to my many interests. My curiosity draws me to things from theoretical physics to the technical wiring of a guitar amplifier's overdrive. And just about everything in between. I see an interesting article and I need to read it. But not just read it, I have to learn more about the writer, their other works, from what background they come from, and so on. Yes, I do learn a lot of interesting things and they do help me in my life. However, this distraction can pull me away from my passion driven Purpose.

Perhaps "addiction" is too strong of a term to describe this. What I do know is that I have to manage it. Using techniques I've learned from people like Stephen Covey, David Allen, and Peter Bregmann, I can stay on task and be productive.

You may not suffer from this to the extent I do. You may stay singularly focused on your "One Thing". I hope you do. If not, recognize that distractions are all around and they call to you during every waking hour. You can easily get lost in them and lose sight of your path. Be aware of what pulls you off course and do what you can to stay on your journey.


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