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Get stories of mental health lived experience sent to you each week: In EP 5 of the MedCircle Podcast “It’s All In Your Head”, host Jackie Colbeth interviews Dr. Hilarie Cash on what it’s like to treat digital addiction. Dr. Hilarie Cash has been working on treating digital addiction since the 90’s. In 2009, she co-founded reSTART Life which is the nation’s first and foremost treatment program for different online addictions such as internet addiction, phone addiction, digital addiction, social media addiction, and more—and underlying mental health conditions. Currently, Dr. Cash serves as the Chief Clinical Officer at reSTART Life and she’ll share more about why she finds this field so important and why and how digital addiction impacts millions of people today. 00:00 Intro 00:58 This week’s guest 02:24 The rise of digital addiction & treatment 04:50 How to combat digital addiction 06:35 Age groups at risk for internet addiction 08:05 How to prevent internet addiction 22:39 The dangers of virtual reality 26:02 How to spot the symptoms of digital addiction 33:51 How treatment works – reSTART Life 39:57 What to do when your job is online 42:50 Federal / state regulations for digital addiction 47:59 How to get back to normal life after treatment 52:30 The power of AA meetings for digital addiction 59:01 Understanding the brain of someone battling digital addiction 01:02:07 Jackie’s recap #podcast #psychology #mentalhealth