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Happy Thanksgiving to all my U.S. readers!  I couldn’t go this week without posting an article on the subject of family and all the benefits of a balanced life.  My wish is that the previous articles in this series have been helpful and that you are enjoying more time, more balanced time, in your life with your family.

You must never ever lose sight that your family is whatever. You can buy material belongings, and even if you lose them, your family will still be there. When a member of the family is no longer with you, he or she can not be changed.

If you are providing for or contributing to your families finances, you are putting in the hours and the work.  And your company may see you as a possession. If you put all your time into your company, leaving no time for the important people at home, you will find that your home life suffers substantially.


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It’s not simply the death of family members that will affect you. Consider all the stages of your kids’ development. If you are investing your time out of balance at work, instead of taking pleasure in enjoying your kids grow up, you will miss out.

Business will take advantage of our busy-ness culture. They can quickly remind you that it’s not easy to find a job and that you must be fortunate you have one. It is more difficult than it’s been in the past to search for a new job.

When you start working for a company, you set the phase early on for your whole experience with the company. When you willingly work longer hours, they will come to anticipate that from you. It’s better for you to begin the pattern of working the number of hours you agreed with your employer.

If you are discovering they are staying late habitually, provide them, diplomatically, that spending time with family is short lived. There are so many benefits of a balanced life that your employer will enjoy.  In the end, you will be much more productive by focusing on the fact that your family is essential.

Hopefully you are taking time this week to reflect on this and your priorities.  I don’t pretend to dictate what those priorities should be.  That’s for you to decide.  Yet, I’ve seen and experience the downside of letting work and family get out of balance.

You will never have this time again with your children and your spouse.  Make it count!


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    • Michele Anderson

      Very true. Life goes by very fast and everything changes. Enjoy your life and the people in it now.

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