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I sometimes find myself under pressure to balance quality time with your family, exercising my faith and running a business all in the same day. Have you been there?

Is it really probable to have the fullness of every aspect of life and still keep your sanity? Time management or should I mention, “Life” management, is a markedly essential aspect in every persons life that desires to leave a legacy in this world.  Today our lives are packed and inundated with demands and messages from all directions.  We all thought that as new technology is introduced, it would make everything easier, but unfortunately it just seems to make things more nerve-racking.

There are some key steps to achieving balance in your life, and i think that if applied with common sense, it will dramatically improve your family and work life.

1. Keep a journal for one week that clearly outlines where all your time is being spent.

This will help you see where all your time is being invested. This may sound silly, but the average person invests about 72 hours watching television through the course of a week. We all enjoy good entertainment, but a part of that time might be spent building relationships or making some extra work calls.


2. Review the journal and analyze where the time is being spent.

This will help you to see who or what is getting the most emphasis and where adjustments may require to be produced.


3. List your priorities.

These vary from person to person, but we all have them. You don’t want to skip this step because here is where you list your passions. For example, mine are: Faith, Family, Work, Health, Music and everything else falls below that.


4. Place two columns beside the priority list.

The first column is the percentage of time that your journal analysis says you spend in each priority. The second column is the desired percentage that you wish to reach in one of your priorities.  Now you are taking action to improve your life based on your priorities.


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5. Set achievement milestones.

For each of your priorities set a one year aspiration that you would like to attain outlining the percentage of every day or weekly time you would like to commit to it. Then set a 6 month aspiration after that which will act as a key milestone. Next, list a 3 month, 1 month, 1 week and tomorrow goals after that. This will help in you in taking a small action step day after day towards that one year aspiration.


6. Limit to your plan.

Procrastination will kill any plan you create. Nobody wants to fail and i think that each person in this world has the potential to succeed at anything they set their heart to do. Perseverance is the capacity to motivate yourself after failure and begin again.


Hopefully this article helps in achieving balance in your life based on the things that are most important to your heart. There will be days that you'll fall short, but if you keep focused and do not give up on your milestones, you will reach it.


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