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Being passionate about life is essential to one’s happiness. Life becomes dull and boring if you do not do what makes you happy. Find out what is your passion and pursue it. It is the best antidote to the frustrations and drudgeries that life may bring.

Know Yourself

A great philosopher once said that it is necessary for a person to know himself. The best time to experience this is during quiet moments when you commune with yourself and your God. Soul searching brings tremendous enlightenment to one’s mind. It helps you to discover your strengths and weaknesses. In doing so, you come to understand and accept yourself better. Meditation also helps you to set your priorities. This leads you to put more importance on the things that matter most in your life. So take time for meditation and prayer each day. The self discovery that it brings will help you decide what you want to do in life.

Do the Things that Make You Happy


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Your happiness does not depend on anybody but yourself. Try to discover what makes you happy and do it! Your passion may come from doing simple things or doing great things not only for yourself but for others. This could be a love for writing, singing, acting, cooking or doing charity work. Whatever it is, it should give you enjoyment and self-fulfillment. Many people engage in their passion hoping that it will bring them fame or material success. If this fails to happen, their passion may diminish or even be forgotten. Do not be bitter if success fails to accompany your passion .

Find Time for Yourself

Some people are guilty of neglecting themselves. They are too busy with their career, business, relationship or family life. Doing the thing that you love during a needed break is beneficial to your well-being. It will result to a more relaxed and happier you. It is the best cure for stress. Managing stress creates a more balanced and fulfilled existence.

Ignore Destructive Criticisms

Sometimes people are discouraged to pursue their passion because of destructive criticisms. These criticisms may come from other people or from his own self. People may not like your writing style, your singing or what you cook. Remember that you are not obliged to please everybody. Somehow, there are also people who would appreciate what you do. What is important is that you give your best and you find fulfillment in it. You will not have the confidence to pursue your passion if you are over-critical about your own abilities. Self-doubt can often lead to inaction.

Passion for something is like loving somebody. Like love, it comes from the desire of the heart. Life becomes more meaningful and enjoyable when you follow your heart.


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