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I’m not writing about your spiritual soul, although this topic is interconnected with your eternal spirit.  Rather,  in this post I want you to find you soul in the sense of your true purpose.  The part of you that you know you should be developing and deploying.

When it comes to finding your real life’s purpose, the secret to fully living it may depend on your ability to make use of visualization. Understanding how to visualize the result that you want will help you become a more powerful, influential, and more effective person.  Visualization will help  you find your true life’s purpose.

Here are 3 easy visualization strategies to help you find your soul, your true calling.


Treasure Map Technique

This visualization method utilizes both a physical component along with the apparent psychological one.

The very first thing to do is to think about something that you wish to accomplish. Begin by drawing a physical representation of all the elements that are part of the result you want.

Let’s look at an everyday, easy to understand example….

Say  you want to earn the top score on a certification exam.  You begin by drawing a picture of yourself, a building to represent the test site, and a book to represent study. Try and make the illustration as detailed as possible. The drawing itself isn’t the important factor, but rather it is what you are visualizing as you draw.


5 Steps To Finding Your Purpose In Life

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Responsive Visualization

This strategy is like watching a film in your mind, except you get to manage the scenes. While this is a more passive technique than the previous one, it can still be just as reliable.

Rest, close your eyes, and attempt to imagine the yourself achieving those things that you highly desire, that bring you the most joy, that give your life true meaning.  This is a powerful clue to understanding your true calling.

Add people and the sounds to the movie when you get a clear image of the scene in your head. Gradually build the image until you have the whole image of the scene in your head and can feel yourself being involved in the action.


Modified Memory Visualization

This technique focuses on altering memories from your past to have a more beneficial result.

After a while, your brain will just remember the scene playing out as you re-created it, and the uneasy memories of the event will start to fade away.  This begins to clear out the emotional and mental clutter that might be shielding you from understanding your purpose.


Using any of these visualization methods will you get more focused and find your real soul. These techniques are only the beginning.  As you gain more clarity, you will still need to put in the work to actually reach the core of your soul.  Don’t be discouraged, after some time and hard work, you’ll find your true calling and find what you’re really designed to do.