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From one of our readers:

So I’m about 80% certain that my life purpose is to change the world through music. I’m not 100% certain mainly because I’ve still got growing that I need to do.

I’m a very strong writer and have a knack for putting lyrics together that tell stories inside other stories. I’m not even trying to over sell it. I’m really good, though I still have doubts.

One of the biggest impacts I’d like to have is raising emotional awareness. Many other singers and bands often do this through abstract lyrics that can be interpreted in several different ways. My approach, at the moment, would be a more tactile and focused approach.

The basic idea is using my own experience with difficult emotions like jealousy, rage, abandonment/loneliness, neediness, anxiety and depression to fuel a more logically driven song, with the undertones of the stories these emotions write for us in our heads.

I don’t currently have the resources nor means to even remotely come close to accomplishing this, so I know thats my second step. My first being fully recovering for myself. I keep thinking this has to be my purpose, its been with me since my early teens.

The only real question left is am I really willing to put in the work to get the resources, the connections and everything else in between to do this and can I handle it if I fail? That is a difficult question.


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