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What is goal-setting by the way? According to the dictionary, goal-setting is a motivational strategy based on the concept that the execution of setting particular goals improves performance. In my personal experience I have found that striving for challenging goals leads to better performance than picking off realtively easy goals. Think of it like playing a game of darts. In order to win, you have to hit a small, narrowly defined, point on the board. The closer you get to the bullseye the more points you score. In other words, the more successful you become in the game. The same goes with your personal or career goals.  

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  If you have any professional experience at all, you have been introduced to goal setting. You may have even been overexposed in your career to goal setting. After all there are thousands of articles, videos, podcast, books, programs, and courses on the subject of goal setting. Yet, despite all this affirmation, I see peole underestimate the power of goal-setting all the time. When combined with education and determination, goal setting will propel you to achieve a high level of productivity and success in everything you do. You find this time and again in high achievers and people who accomplish extraordinary things. The school dropout Thomas Edison became a genius and the ordinary student Bill Gates has become a billionaire. Goals have the ability to turn dreams into reality. All you have to do is to stay focused on your goals and do something every day to take a step closer to them.


Do you have any goals or do you just have wishes? The difference is in execution and strategy. A wish is something you would like to have happen, something you would like to achieve. There is really no strategy to make it happen, no persistent progress to see it become a reality. It doesn’t become a goal until you:
  • Write down exactly what you want to achieve
  • Quantify the goal in tangible terms
  • Be sure the goal is something you can take real actions to achieve
  • Know you will find its achievement rewarding
  • Set a specific date that you will achieve the goal
Without these characteristics your wish will never become a goal.  

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