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Resolutions and goals intimidate many people. What immediately comes to mind are memories of past failures, the hard work involved, and the fact that there is no guarantee of success. What if instead of goals and resolutions you were to create intentions, results, accomplishments or outcomes? Do you feel an increased or decreased charge in your body when you change the language you use? Many labels could support filling your thoughts with the target that is your priority of choice. There is no right or wrong way to phrase / language the journey toward accomplishing a result. There is only empowering and disempowering language – the words that have impact are different for everyone.   [Tweet “”Retreat, hell! We’re just advancing in another direction.” ~ Oliver Prince Smith”]   It’s all about putting something on priority status for yourself and maintaining focus with consistent, regular, forward steps that will accomplish your desired results. There are actions which produce little or no result, critical actions, possible actions, massive actions, and more. The ones you choose to run with are determined by your level of courage, by how urgent the goal is for you and by your resolve to achieve the intended outcome. The main thing is clearly knowing what you want and having huge reasons for wanting this, so that you are pulled forward to take disciplined, consistent, daily, effective, forward moving actions.
Concentrate on your intended outcomes and do not waste your time on “busy work”. This includes worrying – unless of course you can tell me of a time that worry produced a positive result for you. Setting Goals Success Crash Course Source by Thea Westra