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Do you work in a home office?  Occasionally, frequently, all the time?

I work from home a great deal of time.  It is an incredibly productive for me, but it wasn’t always so.  It took some time and effort to organize and optimize my home office so I could work as effectively as possible.

Let me share a few things I learned along the way so your home office can be a results manufacturer instead of a a haven of distraction!s

Setting up your home office:

Location – When you are making your home office, you should define your workspace. Basically, you will want to choose a spot that is somewhat secluded and not an open space. An extra bedroom or a quite, out of the way corner would be perfect. In a confined and smaller space, you have fewer things to look at, thus, there are fewer things to get distracted by. In a corner, the only thing to your immediate front/left/right is the wall. Thus, I strongly recommend Corner Desks for your home office as they are designed to be less-distracting and conducive for your work.

Desk Organization – Making a consistent effort to keep your work desk organized can train you to be a meticulous person in the long run. Also, a well-organized table gives you a fresh, positive start to a work day. Good Mood = Good Productivity = Good results.

Comfort – People who work from home for long hours all experience the same problem – Backaches/butt pain etc. This can really harm your productivity eventually as you will be irritated and annoyed, causing you to fidget more (Not being able to stay in one position and focus on your work). Therefore, it is important to invest in a good comfortable chair if you are serious about working from home.

Walls – From my first point, I mentioned that if you are surrounded by plain walls, you will not be distracted. However, if you ever find it boring to have plain walls, you can make good use of them by placing charts or motivational quotes. Motivational quotes encourage you to press on when you are losing focus during work. Progress charts remind you of your goals and push you to work harder. These can all improve your work productivity.

Defining Work Hours – It is important to make it clear to your family and friends that you do not want to be disturbed while working. By letting them know, they will be more mindful and will not distract you from your work. Thus, you can work efficiently.

Here’s a brief and interesting video about how to get your home office optimized:

Working at home has always been a joy and its great learning small optimizations that can lead to more productivity.

What are some other productivity tips do you have? Share it in the comments and people will love you.

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      When I work at home I use iSmart.Life app to planing my goals, tasks and projects. This is a free and very convenient web app.

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