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It can if you let it. How we perceived our life mission, and the impact we can achieve, is greatly influenced by our values. They drive every thought and action in our lives. Our values influence our choice in friends, where we live, where we work, how we speak, and what we spend. Our values have tremendous control and we have to take them into careful consideration when we want to change ourselves or our world.

Our parents were the earliest influencers of our values. Whether we embraced their values or outright rejected them, they were still an impact. And over time our values can change. That change comes from two sources. The first comes from what society expects of us. Our culture has expectations of its members. Much of that expectation comes from places like entertainment and politics. Take Hollywood for example. In a 2014 CBS News poll, 61% of Americans said Hollywood has too much influence on social values. An astounding 9% thought it had too little! You can say I am in the 61%.

The other contributing influence that can change our values comes from what we think our culture will tolerate while we keep doing the things we enjoy and are good at doing. Is there something you like to do that could be considered strange or weird by society at large? It doesn’t mean it is destructive, abusive, or unlawful. It may be outside of what is accepted as normal behavior for a person of your age, sex, etc…


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As a former professor of mine once wrote…”It takes courage to develop yourself in ways that society questions.”

As you consider your life mission, your purpose, recognize the role values play in your thoughts, actions, and decisions. They can change and you can be the driver of that change. Base your values on truthful and enduring foundations and they will help you align your priorities with your passion.