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Seth Siegel on How To Change Careers

If you are looking to change careers in the New Year entrepreneur, best-selling author and activist, Seth M. Siegel shared this advice with Jessica Abo. I’ve put the link to the short video interview below.

How to change careers is a topic I get asked about often. It happens in my recruiting business and when I am coaching people through their person Purpose journey. A career change is not always necessary to pursue your purpose and passion. Many times it just takes clarity and then a refocus of priority and time. There are times, whoever, when a career change might be desirable.

One of the things Seth talks about in the video is when someone feels like they are stuck in a particular job. I’ve been there and I know what that feels like. It is a lifeless, monotonous existence. This is especially true if we feel there is no escape from the job. It’s also a symptom that your time, focus, and priorities are out of sync with your purpose and calling.


When faced with a situation like this you should use four guides for your thought process before you make the jump. How to change careers will be different for us all, so there is not one size to fit all. Follow these guides as you consider this decision…

1. Use Patience – Unless you are in a hostile or abusive environment, don’t rush to make a change. Be sure you are first moving forward to something better instead of moving away from something you just didn’t like.

2. Get Clarity – If you are making a change to pursue a passion or your calling, be absolutely sure you know that that calling is.

5 Steps To Finding Your Purpose In Life

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3. Do Research – Before making the jump, talk to others in the new career. Find out if it is really what you think. Take the time to understand what you are getting into.

4. Move With Confidence – Don’t start second-guessing yourself the minute after you resign. If you have followed the first three guides, you will have the confidence to keep going.

Watch the video, it is less than three minutes long. It will inspire you. If you think that your purpose requires you to change careers, follow these four guides. You’ll be glad you took the time to get clarity, research and confidence before making the move.