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Have you ever asked yourself what you should be doing in your life?  What is your true calling, your purpose?  And how does one know how to answer these questions.  How do you know what to do with your life?

All of us have finite time.  Time is a resource we can never replenish.  Some are content to spend their time on earth without much thought, purpose, or planning.  For others, these questions are important to answer.  They want to make their time count.

It is vital for you to discover your passion and true calling if you want to live a full, meaningful, content life and experience inner peace. Without a life purpose as a guide, your objectives and actions may not wind up satisfying you. I’ve been there.  Doing a lot of good things, but not doing the right things for me.



Answers to the question of how to know what to do with your life aren’t easy.  It takes some soul searching, introspective thought, and a good dose of prayer.  So, plan to spend some time with this question.

To help you get started, here are the very best suggestions to begin to discover your passion and real purpose in life.

Do What Comes Easy for You

To develop the life you want, you need to uncover the deep and significant purpose you were born with. You can begin to discover your enthusiasm by exploring what you like to do and what comes quickly to you. While you will still need to develop your skills through effort and practice, your purpose and calling ought to feel natural.


Follow Your Inner Guidance System

Every person has their own inner voice advising them.  This personal guidance system can help them get from where you are in life to where they want to go.

For this to work, it requires to know the location where you are starting and where you wish to wind up. Your personal navigation system figures out the rest. All you need to do is to follow what your heart is saying to you for you to reach your destination.


Figure out Where You Want to Go

To identify where you desire to go, first clarify your vision.  Once you have that picture, lock in your destination by setting objectives, using favorable affirmations, and practicing visualization.


5 Steps To Finding Your Purpose In Life

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Be Clear About Your Life’s Purpose

After you’ve become clear about your life’s destination, stay concentrated on it,  The “how” will reveal itself.

Your inner guidance system will inform you when you are wandering off course.  When you start to feel more anxious and less satisfied with what you are doing then it is time for a correction in your path. Those things in your life that bring you the greatest delight are in alignment with your true calling.  These things will help you get you where you wish to go.


Align Your Goals with Your Life Purpose

How you spend your efforts, energy, and resources must be in alignment with your purpose.

We all have special skills and interests.  These inform us about what we must be doing with our life. When you understand your life purpose, you are motivated to organize all of your activities around it. Everything that you do should be an expression of your purpose. If some activities and goals do not fit that formula, don’t bother working on them.


How to know what to do with your life is as individual and unique as the starts in the sky.  Each of us has a purpose and calling that is only common to ourselves.  It is so easy for our culture, our family, even our church to tell us what that purpose should be.

With the right tools, you can cultivate a mindset of success and find your life’s true calling.