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Having a structured way to start your day, a morning routine, will positively impact your day like nothing else.  The most successful and personally productive people in the world all start their day with a regular, ritual that gives the energy, focus, and motivation.

In order to have a successful and productive day, we need to set aside time, each and every morning, to get in touch with ourselves. This is what I call a morning ritual.

For me, a morning ritual involves doing a daily reading of scripture, plus a short prayer and meditation session and from there, either stretching, a run, or an in-home workout.  It is simple, it is flexible depending on my schedule for the day.  But more than anything, it sets my mind and body for the day ahead.  It gets me focused and energized.  My mind is set so that the inevitable challenges that will come in the day don’t derail my mission.  I am working through Stefan James Morning Ritual Mastery and I will likely modify my own routine.  However, the power of a morning ritual remains.

The point of the morning routine to have a ritual where you are taking care of you. Before you can take care of anyone or anything else, YOU have to be ready.  What a morning routine actually does is allow you to do this subconsciously.




It clears your mind so you become more deliberate and calm with what you need to do each day. It directs the behavior you use, the thoughts you think, all throughout the day.  I know this works, because I lived for many years where I never used to do anything like this. I never took the time “center” myself in the mornings, and as a result, my days were always about trying to keep my head above water.

You many be thinking that a morning routine means you have to invest an hour of your time doing yoga, or an hour meditation. It really doesn’t need to be like that.  You may choose, on some days, to invest more time in your morning routine, but it can be as little as 10 or 15 minutes.  Remember – it is your routine.  You do what you to gain the benefits.

To start experiencing the refreshing change of a morning routine,  ask yourself  what are 1 or 2 non-negotiable things that you can do each and every morning to create more calm, focus, energy, and motivation in your life? Make sure that whatever it is you choose to do each and every day is something that helps you to get aligned. It helps you to get connected with your purpose and mission. It helps you to guide your day and how you’re going cope with what might come your way.

If you have a morning ritual or morning routine that you follow and you know works for you,  then please tell me about it in the comments below.