God does not want your Purpose to be a mystery. It is ourselves that create the confusion in our life through distractions, mixed priorities, pre-occupation with self, and indecision.

There are 23 bible verses that speak to indecision.

You can seek and received divine help to make a decision. For years I asked and then waited for a “burning bush” moment before I would make a decision. It doesn’t work that way, at least not for me.

We are told to ask God for guidance and then take the next logical step as if the guidance had already been given. It may well be the wrong step, but you will know quickly if it is. This is where faith must become an action. Faith that God will lead you to the right decision DESPITE your own actions.

This is how I came to discover my Purpose and begin to live it. I knew I needed to help people find their Passion, use it to discover and drive their Purpose, so they can live and be the person God designed them to be. So I took the first step I could given my skills, talents, and resources and you are experiencing the fruit of that decision. I’m still unclear just where all this will lead me, but I am clear that I should be on this path and I am trusting that God will ultimately deliver me where He wants me to be.

I pray that you will not let indecision keep you from this wonderful journey.