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For a person reconnecting with their passion, who is trying to live their Purpose, it may seem that relying on feelings is a good guide. It is true that through the years we learn to trust our feelings and intuitions. They can serve us especially well when our feelings are based on experience – good and bad. I’m the first to say that our passion is a strong emotional force. As we turn our attention to living our Purpose, we have to be careful to not rely too much on feelings alone. Sometimes feelings are real. Sometimes feelings move us to run from something unpleasant rather than pull us toward something better. When we are feeling down that’s not usually not a good time to make important decisions. Learn to recognize when you are being driven by feelings alone. Validate your emotional decision with some facts before you leap into a change of direction in your life. Dr. Barton Goldsmith  posted an excellent article in Psychology Today about emotional fitness and the over reliance on feels. You can read his full article HERE. Tell me about a time when the FACTS saved you from a FEELING…