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Get stories of mental health lived experience sent to you each week: Charlie Bracke grew up living with online gaming addiction. At one point, he was spending an average of 14 hours per day online gaming due to living with online gaming addiction. As his gaming addiction escalated, he dropped out of college, lost a long-term relationship and lost his job. Knowing that living with online gaming addiction was taking its toll, Charlie found the courage to seek professional treatment at reSTART Life, a residential treatment program that focuses on addressing different types of digital addiction including gaming addiction, social media addiction, general video game addiction, and other mental health disorders. Charlie now speaks about his struggles with technology and gaming addiction in order to raise awareness and help others struggling with similar issues and digital addictions. 00:00 Intro 01:07 This week’s guest 02:08 Online gaming as a hobby 06:55 Developing gaming addiction due to depression 12:25 Finding help for gaming addiction 24:33 Societal impacts of online gaming & social media 28:45 Building a healthy relationship with online gaming 41:02 Types of support Charlie got during addiction recovery 45:17 Advice to anyone with a digital addiction