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Join us 5/22 for 2023 “Master Your Mind Workshop” with even more from Dr. Ramani, Dr. Judy Ho, and Dr. Kristy Lamb. 👉 Sign up here: Often we have goals, dreams and maybe even a loose (or detailed) plan to get there. We can even spend endless hours chipping away at the life we have planned and then suddenly something derails us— life takes an unexpected turn and we are left not only wondering what happened but where do we go from here? So when our life takes a heavy hit, how can we cope and even more importantly— how do we bounce back better than before? Join us with lead psychologist Dr. Therese Mascardo as she helps us understand how disrupted plans affect our mental health, how we can better cope and triumph over our undesired circumstances— possibly even leading us to a better future than we had originally once planned. Come learn with us and let the unexpected bring you right where you desire to be. Doctor Links to Promote: Website: IG: YT:

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