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Sometimes our purpose is not found in our careers and our jobs, but in the place our careers take us. Pursuing your passion does not always mean changing jobs. It could well be that your job had created an environment to live your unique design beyond what you do each day.

Look at the people around you. What needs do they have where your passion, your special knowledge, your design can help? What special position or credibility does your job give you among others?

Where you work or what you do may only serve to give you opportunities to practice your passion. I have found this to be true in my business. Recruiting for companies is a skill I have come to master, but it is not my passion. What it does is place me into the lives of people who are searching for their true calling. My passion is helping them discover and live that calling.


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Perhaps you too are not "working" in your passion. Take more time to think about where you are and who you are becoming and less time about what you do.

In the video below NFL Wide Receiver Anquan Boldin explains how this is applied in his own life as we accepts the award as NFL Man of the Year. He has found that his passion is not playing football, it is using his place as a platform to fulfill his purpose.


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