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Living on Purpose, pursuing you life mission, being intentional about your day, your relationships, your journey...being all this requires energy. People who pursue and live their passion driven purpose aren't asking for an easy path. They are true travelers on the road less traveled. The energy they use produces results that are exponentially greater.

Sometimes you get tired. Following a dream takes work.  Everyone who has pursued a worthwhile cause, a noble cause, has wanted to give up at one time or another. Yet they don't. They press on because they are seeking a greater good for themselves, their family, or their community.

This Monday's inspiration comes from someone who did this. Michaela Chernoch had a passion and she pursued it. I'm sure there were times when she was exhausted, maybe even in physical pain, yet she had a mission and a dream. With the support of her parents she pressed on, perservered, and never lost sight of how the dream was bigger than any given day.

If you are worn out from following your dream and wondering if it is worth it, watch this short video and be inspired as I was by her determination and spirit.


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