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The closest I got to winning the $1B Power Ball lottery is that a ticket was sold here in the Tennessee. It's not that I thought I was the 1 in 292 million that would win the lottery. I wasn't counting on it,  nor was I  really concerned with the outcome.  (Although my wife did buy a couple of tickets.) To be truthful I did secretly think about how my life would change if I received the gift of $1B. I mean, who doesn't think about that.

My first thought was how that money would free up my time and remove any obstacles to fully engaging in my Purpose. How my life mission would be more quickly fulfilled if I didn't have to worry about where my next dollar would come from. I imaged myself serenely secluded, hours a day, writing and developing courses for people to discover their purpose and live their desires. My wife and I would travel, I could speak to groups with no care for expenses and fees, we'd support so many causes and missions. How this sudden windfall would change my life and so many others!

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This kind of dreaming, although fanciful, is very useful. It can help you unlock the power of your design and purpose. Think about your life and what your passion calls you to do. How would it look if money were no concern? Notice I didn't write "if money were no object". Money is always an 'object', even in the biggest dream. The picture you draw in this kind of dreaming is very close to your life mission, passion and purpose. So pay attention to what you dream.

Take a moment to day and dream this dream - if money were no concern what would you want to truly do in your life that would give you meaning and impact the world? Write down this important clue to your Purpose.