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Every weekend I try to  spend a focused 1.5 hours doing the following:

Review past week’s calendar (meetings, deadlines)
Review past week’s ‘Today’ notebook in Evernote
Plan the coming week and review my ‘Next’ notebook in Evernote
Plan next week’s calendar based off my ‘Next’ notebook

Then I look at my life mission statement and see what I can do the coming week, as well as what sidetracked me during the week just finished.

This routine keeps me focused on what is important.  I like having a plan, so knowing what I need and want to accomplish in the coming week tends to keep the stress levels down as well.

If you do it early enough, it really helps make the weekend more enjoyable.

Give it a try

    7 replies to "My Weekend Ritual To Stay Focused Organized and Reduce Anxiety."

    • ohwordbk
    • Lexwulf

      pretty much GTD weekly review. Any review of your current and past commitments is great for clearing your head.

      • ohwordbk

        I read that book many years ago and long before I started this routine, but I probably unknowingly stole part of it from there or a million other things I’ve read before haha

        • Lexwulf

          I am sure David Allen also borrowed it from somewhere else. 🙂

    • DaffyD82

      I like it but was wondering if there’s any particular reason for doing this on Sunday instead of Monday morning, when you need to get into work mode anyway?

      • Lexwulf

        for me if I do it on sunday I know I can jump right into work on monday. If I try to review my work commitments on monday I feel like the day is kinda lost.

        • Agrees_withyou

          You’re absolutely correct!

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