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The Power of a New Idea

New ideas are like batteries, you plug them in and energy starts to surge!

At times I get caught up in routine - doing things in repetition, almost without thinking. After a few weeks I look up and realize I'm bored, or stuck, or just going through the motions. It doesn't happen with everything. However, there are some activities that just have to be done everyday or every week. Do them often enough and it drains your energy and enthusiasm.

When your mission, or your passion, feels like it is in a rut, start jotting down new ideas. Any idea will do, they don't have to make sense. Chances are you won't even implement but just a small fraction of them. Yet the act of producing new ideas will clear out the sludge in your routine. It will start to energize your mission like a fresh set of batteries in a toy race car.

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