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Is Peace In Life Really a Myth? 

Can it actually be achieved?

You may not ask this question everyday, but I am sure you have thought about it. I mean, who doesn't want peach in their life. It could be the most understated universal quest of each individual.

A lot has been written about this. I did a Google search on the term "how to find peace in life" and found 376,000,000 results! Some of the top searches included '8 Things You Must Give Up to Find Peace", "10 Ways to Have More Peace In Your Life", and "Finding a More Peaceful Way of Life". Clearly a lot has been written about this topic and clearly it is something a lot of people think about.

People search try to find peace in life in many ways. Some search for it in mystical religions and transcendental techniques. Others through pursuits of recreation or escapism. Still others use (or abuse) substances to alter their concious reality into an induced state of mind. I beleive some of these attempts are very healthy, such as finding peace through faith in God. Others can be very destructive. Regardless, it is a pursuit that occupies a great deal of emotional and intellectual energy whether expressed stated or not.

Peace in life is not complicated. It is achievable. However, you must be intentional about find it. In the short video below (4 minutes), I share some thoughts about what peace in life is, what it is not, and what I believe must exist for it to be achieved. I hope you enjoy it and find this helpful.


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