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morning routine



Many of the most successful and influential leaders in history credit their accomplishments as coming from a morning routine. Those names include Barack Obama, Winston Churchill, Steve Jobs and many others.

Having a morning routine helps to put your productivity in high gear and on autopilot. If you find yourself often waking up late, procrastinating by hitting snooze and then rushing out of the door every day,  you know just how destructive this can be to your productivity. The morning is a block of time that can be free from interruption, which means you can fill it with useful activities and tasks. Even if the rest of your day is a bust, a consistent morning routine means you will end everyday with significant accomplishments.

As a side note, you might also find that the importance of an evening routine acts as a book end to the day.  Evening rituals can ensure that your morning routine has the best chance of being accomplished. If you set yourself up in the evening, then you’ll make it substantially easier to follow your plans in the morning.



Let’s take a look at a few habits you can add to your morning routine:

Healthy Breakfast – You’ve heard it a lot — because it is true.  Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  Your body has been at rest and fasting all night.  Your brian wants an infusion of protein to kick start it. Keep a constant menu and you can automate your morning process. Fuel yourself with complex carbs, protein, and all the nutrients that you require to function at your peak.

Exercise – If you can exercise at the start of the day, then you’ll show up at work with more energy and enthusiasm.  I don’t know if there is a day I ever wanted to workout in the morning, but the mental and physical boost it gives me is tremendous.  I may not look forward to doing it, but I am ALWAYS glad I do.  You will also  burn at least some calories before you start the day.  Just a few pull ups, push ups, and sit ups, or even a brisk walk, is all you need. (I have found that the Old School New Body program is a perfect fit for a busy lifestyle)

Reading – Reading inspirational, motivational, or spiritual books helps kick off your day with a positive mindset.

Making a To-Do List – Why not get focused on your goals for the day as a part of your morning routine? This keeps your most important tasks and priorities at the top of your mind.

Write A Journal – Writing in a journal can settle and clear your mind.   This is especially helpful if you foresee a stressful day ahead or if you have had something on your mind all night.  Click here for some other ideas about journaling.


If you think establishing a morning routine will be helpful, then get started tomorrow.  You don’t have to change everything you do at once.  Just pick one thing from the list above and make it part of your habit for the next thirty days.  If you find it is working for you then keep doing it.  If not, think about what you can change or modify.  The point is that having a morning routine is essential to maximizing your productivity.  Take control of how you start your day!


Do you have an effective morning habit?  Please share it in the comments below!