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It is something we want to avoid, but a life transistion is in your future.  It can be positive or negative, dire or exciting.  Your perception of the transition will impact the way you handle the event.

Some life transitions we look forward to include weddings, births, graduations, milestone birthdays, and many others.  These are thought of as positive transitions.  Other transitions are things that will happen, yet we wish we could put off — loss of a close friend, the passing of a family member, sudden job loss, major illness, and things like these.

Life transitions are coming.  The question is how will you deal with them.


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  1. Take time to remember what you are leaving behind. It is the rare person who can mentally and emotionally put a major part of their life behind them.  For most of us we need to recognize that a change happened.  We need to come to grips that a new season of our life is in bloom.  Letting go of the past is often essential to move forward, but we still need to process the change.
  1. You have permission to be expressive. There will be emotions involved in any life transition.  Some are positive, some are negative.  It is okay to express those emotions in a healthy way.  Repressed emotions resurface often at inapporpriate times.  Express what you are feeling.
  1. Start dreaming again. A life transition means you are moving from one phase of life to another.  At one time you dreamed about being in the previous phase.  It was something you sought and enjoyed.  Now you are moving to a new phase in your life.  Even if the transition is perceived as negative, start dreaming about the best possible scenario.  As Earl Nightingale once wrote, “we tend to become what we thing about.”
  1. Start moving. You’ve taken time to remember, to come to grips with your emotions,  and dreaming about the next phase of your life transition.  It is time to take action.  This is especially important if you perceive the transition as negative.  Action and movement are excellent motivators for a positive outlook.
  1. Reassess your current position.  If your life transition was willful, meaning you initiated it, take time to reflect.  Has it become the situation you wanted?  If not, what can you do to change things?  If your life transition was involuntary (illness, loss of job, etc…) then look at where you are now.  What options and alternatives are available to you?


Life transitions are inevitable.  You will go through them.  How you survive will depend on how you deal with the event.  Use these five steps to ride that wave.  Make the transition something that takes you to a more meaningful and purposeful life.


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