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This morning I received a letter from a company wanting me to buy Identity Theft insurance.  You’ve probably gotten something similar.  It’s good to have, in fact I had already purchased some since my name is all over the web!

It got me thinking.  There is another kind of identity theft that I have fallen prey to from time to time and I bet you have as well.

Self-Identity Theft.

Our self-identity can shape and drive our passion.  How we think about ourselves and what those thoughts do to mold our pursuits has a dramatic impact on our Purpose. The impact is not limited to the definition of our Purpose, but it can change the very essence of how we live our Purpose.  What makes this so dangerous is that we may not even be aware that it is happening.

As I thought about this I was moved to put together a short video, below, that explains this further.


Can’t see the video?  Click Here.


How can you combat Self-Identity Theft?  Let me know in the comment below.



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