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A lot has been said through the years about successful habits.  I recently read a wonderful post on the GoalsOnTrack blog.  Written by teacher, trainer, and author Kevin Schoeninger, he talks about one "keystone habit".  More specifically he describes how a commitment to that habit can have a transformational impact on your life.

The operational word here is a COMMITMENT.  All habits, especially successful habits, begin with commitment.  Schoeninger describes the ripple effect this can have in all aspects of your life.  We all intuitively understand this, yet we don't seem to always put this into practice.  There is so much that demands our attention.  We have a choice, however, as to what we pay attention to!  If you are looking for habits or daily routines that will have a positive impact on your life,  deciding daily about what you will pay attention to might be a good habit to start.


Schoeninger recommends exercise as one of the top successful habits.  I agree.

From my own personal experience, I perform best in all areas of my life when I am engaged in a regular program of exercise and fitness.  I'd also add that diet, eating the right things, is a close second on this list.

Think about it... can you really be at the top of your game in your family, your business, your community if you are always sick and tired?  Of course not.  A regular program of exercise actually refreshes your mind, it helps you sleep better, be more alert, reduces stress and anxiety, and gives you a more positive outlook on just about everything.


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Throughout my career I have had the fortune to meet many highly successful people.  They weren't just successful in business, they where successful in all areas of life.  All of them engaged in some form of regular exercise.  They know excercise it is a successful habit that impacts every part of their lives.

If you don't already have a regular exercise program and you dread the thougth of starting, it is not as daunting as you might think.  In fact, there are plenty of resources to help you.  If you jump over the the GoalsOnTrack blog, Schoeninger offers some very practical ways to get started.

I've also included some suggestions in my forthcoming book Get Control of Your Life (working title!).

The Mayo Clinic has a short article about 5 Steps  to start a fitness program.  They include...

  1. Assess your fitness level
  2. Design a simple fitness routine (meaning something you can do regularly)
  3. Assemble your equipment (could be as simple as a pair of walking shoes and some resistence bands)
  4. Get started
  5. Monitor your progress

I'd also add a sixth step - Enjoy the benefits!


Visit the GoalsOnTrack blog and read Schoeninger's post.  Then take some time and think about how you can start, or improve, your successful habit of exercise!


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