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Paula Tusiani-Eng’s sister was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) after multiple hospitalizations and months of self-harm symptoms and suicidal thoughts. Although her treatment plan helped to stabilize her behaviors, one of the medications caused her to suffer a rare stroke and she died in 2001. Paula has since dedicated her life to supporting, educating and advocating for people impacted by borderline personality disorder through her organization, Emotions Matter.

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Read her book Remnants of a Life on Paper: A Mother and Daughter’s Struggle with Borderline Personality Disorder New York-Presbyterian Hospital Borderline Personality Disorder Resource Center:

00:00 Intro
01:28 This week’s guest
03:13 living with BPD symptoms & diagnosis
05:49 Finding treatment for Pamela’s BPD
07:52 Pamela’s death & grieving her loss
12:20 Writing a memoir about her sister’s struggle with BPD
19:24 Launching the BPD Resource Center at NY-Presbyterian
20:39 Starting Emotions Matter
30:01 Emotions Matter Support Group for BPD
34:13 Expanding their impact in the future
40:42 An encouragement for those impacted by BPD
47:20 Jackie’s recap

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