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Sometimes when we think about the phrase “reward yourself”, we feel a bit guilty.  After all, aren’t we supposed to be busy all the time?  Aren’t we supposed be be productive?  All that running around doesn’t leave much time to reward yourself.

Let me ask you you this…Are you a member of any rewards or customer loyalty programs? Airline, restaurants, retail? We are always getting rewarded for doing things for other people or organizations.But ask yourself this, do you reward yourself?

Delighting yourself is important because you recognize your accomplishments. You say to yourself, “Here is something I am doing to reward myself. I’ve had a tough day at the office, I’m just going to sit down and sit and just relax. I’m going to reward myself. Today, I’ll take time to please myself. I am not going to worry about the kids, I’m not going to worry anything, Just for a moment, for  an hour, I’m taking time to enjoy what I enjoy.





Rewarding  yourself doesn’t just mean material things. By rewarding yourself, I’m talking about pleasing yourself with the interesting thing that you may not have a chance to do. For example, you are able come home saying I’m just beat, I guess I’m going to stop and pick up the rod and go out there and see if I can catch some fish. Do something. Simply be by the water.

This is delighting yourself by having had oneness with yourself. That’s what delighting yourself is all about.

It’s kind of an internal meditation. It’s all about you at this point in time because you deserve it as a human being.


What do you do to reward yourself? Share in the comments below…