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Sometimes people ask me for a list of life purposes.  As if there were a menu that you could pick a purpose from and start living it.  It is often helpful to see what other people have as a life purpose. That help is more in the form of inspiration than direction.

Each of us has a life purpose, a true calling.  It is unique to us and divinely inspired.  There is no generic list of life purposes by which you can pick and choose. Yours might be on such a list.  That is more by coincidence that design.

Just like cultivating your inner imaginative, discovering your real purpose in life is going to take some time and reflection. There are, however, lists that can help you narrow and focus your process.  Here are 6 simple lists that you can start to make today to help you discover your real life’s purpose.


Your List Of Life Purposes

List #1 – All The Things That Interest You

Do you discover yourself doodling throughout downtime and at meetings? Take some time to dig a little deeper. Write down all the things on your mind today that interest you.  What is arousing your curiosity?  These are helpful clues about what your true design is all about.



List #2 – Look into the Past

Attempt to remember what made you curious and what you imagined doing in the future. Try to remember as much as you can.  What are some of the things you dreamed about as a child or teenager?

This list might take more thought.  As you get older many of these past dreams fade into the blur of busyness.


List #3 – Your Future Worries

Always fretting that you won’t discover that one thing that will make you delighted and satisfied is only going to prevent you from doing so. Rather, you want to focus on today.

Concentrate on what you are presently doing and explore what you like. If you pressure yourself excessively, you’ll end up not liking anything.

Look at this list from two perspectives.  If your future worries create STRESS, it could be an indicator of something that is NOT consistent with your purpose.  On the other hand, if things on this list cause ANXIETY, this may be something that is very important to you.

Worrying about something that MIGHT happen (stress) is more about fear.  You are unlikely to fear something that is consistent with your purpose.

Worrying about something that MIGHT NOT happen (anxiety) is more concern.  Your purpose is something that matters to you greatly, whether you know it or not.  Your soul purpose in life is part of your core being.  So, when you are concerned about something it could be an indicator of something very consistent with your purpose.

5 Steps To Finding Your Purpose In Life

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List #4 – New Things You Want To Try

You will not understand what you like, what brings you real joy, unless you try everything out. If you think something is interesting, give it a shot.

If it does not light you us,  you’ll understand it isn’t for you.  Work through this list and attempt brand-new things up until something sticks.


List #5 – Other’s Dreams For You

While your parents might want you to follow in their footsteps, if that doesn’t interest you, you need to put it on this list.  What about teachers at school?  Are they telling you (or told you) what you should do, who you should be in your life?   Put is on this list.

It’s your life and nobody else’s.  Your true calling is only for you.  In the well-intentioned pressure to follow the dreams that others have for you, if you don’t stay true to your own calling, you’ll only end up with regret and disappointment.


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List #6 – Your Impatience List

Your perfect calling isn’t going simply to hit you on the head. It’s going to take time and a fair amount of experimentation before you find what fits.

What are you impatient about?  Any stress over the items on this list will hinder your search.  Try to come to grips with the things you can’t change.


Now you have more information about your true calling.  Take these lists and look for convergences across them.  Start to make one more list, your personal life of life purposes.  This is the list you want.  From here you can start to narrow and focus where you should be spending your time, energy, and resources.

By investing the time on yourself and discovering what gives you true inner joy, you’ll gain the benefit of knowing how to life with purpose and intent.