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How do you describe your personality? Are you likable, outgoing, an introvert, talkative, “nice person”, extrovert, party animal, self-centered, friendly, a jerk? How would others describe your personality? Is it the same description you would use?

You probably recognize these personalty types!

13 Personality Types in Every Office

Your personality is unique to you and you started working on it early in life. It is how you express yourself. It is a also a big part of how you want others to perceive you as an individual. That desired perception can shape your passion and how that passion drives your life mission.

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Personality characteristics can be positive or negative. The extent of which depends much on how well developed they are within you. These characteristics have a profound impact on your passion, how you perceive your Purpose, and your values. They also vary the degree to which you will develop a healthy self-concept. A person who does not see themselves in a healthy way will have a hard time believing they have a Purpose in life, much less living one.

Take an inventory of your personality characteristics and how them impact your passion and drive to living life on purpose. The best personality is one that is balanced with a set of positive values.