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Setting All Types Of Goals Is The First Step To Accomplishing Your Dreams

Our dreams can never ever become reality if we just dream with no goals in mind. This is true for all types of goals.  No one wants to find themself being in the same position in in life after squandering 30+ years, trying everything to attain our dreams, just to understand that we never ever really reached the goals that mattered most. It would have been a desperate failure from the start.

To understand how to tap into the power of goal setting, we should recognise these 6 necessary factors for us to set our goals in the proper way.

1. Goals as the Force of Motivation

Goals drive us towards our achievements as it serves as the force of our inspiration. To connect to our inner force or desire, goal setting is the initial step we take towards our accomplishments. In both short term and long term, it gives us a target to focus on, a location we wish to take a trip to or even a particular number we try to achieve.  This is the point which gets us fired up and passionate as we work extremely diligently towards our goals.

While it motivates us to attain these goals with enthusiasm and energy in the beginning, it is crucial for us to know just how much these goals personally impact our lives. Setting goals which we understand we would genuinely be enthusiastic about in the long term, will assist us in achieving our objectives in a more sustainable manner.

After all, if we are not consistently motivated, we would struggle with the stress of attempting to achieve worthless (to us individually) goals.


[Tweet ““The victory of success is half won when one gains the habit of setting and achieving goals.” ~ Og Mandino”]


2. Goals as Visual Representations of Our Dreams

Imaginations, visualisations, and dreams are not just unrealistic ideas if we have actually set our goals towards them. This is why goal setting plays a vital role in guaranteeing our belief in our methods, our analysis of our outcomes and our efforts in chasing after every resource required.

Instead of setting one goal as the only way to reach our dreams, we can conceptualise our dreams as a set of puzzles .  All types of goals are the puzzle pieces we want to design, repair or perhaps match to finish the final picture. We can also visualize each goal as a stepping stone towards our ultimate destination.

As an outcome of achieving each goal, like finding each puzzle piece, we are putting together the entire image of our dreams (the finished puzzle).

So yes, do not be afraid to dream!


3. Goals to Track Progress

Some goals are the foundations for us to build on to reach another goal, organizing them to be accomplished at the beginning will be vital for us to track the development of our progress.

As I mentioned, goals resemble stepping stones to our primary goal.  They also serve to assist us in tracking our development progress. Achieving each short-term goal brings us close to reaching the bigger long-term goal.

Accomplishing our goals implies increasing our opportunities of being successful.  We also have to track our progress by assessing how a job can be done and the quantity of time required. These goals can likewise be inter- related to one another, as we cannot progress with specific work if one goal or goal is not reached.

A simple example of this is illustrated by the work of arranging a birthday party.  You start with sending the invites and then validating the number of  people who say they will attend. Without these very first two actions, it would be challenging to set up for the venue, the quantity of food and drinks, the design and other elements which will complete the celebration. The invitations and the variety of guests attending are the 2 important elements to the success of the party.

For goals that have real significance in your life, you can’t reach them without completing short-term goals initially.

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4. Goals as Promises to the Yourself

The goals we want to achieve also guarantees we made to ourselves.

When formulating our goals, it is also crucial that we make sure these goals concrete and give ourselves a particular timeline to attain each goal.

These 'guarantees' also keep us responsible for all of our actions,  each of which lead us to the failure or success of our plans.

With this sense of responsibility instilled in ourselves, it enables us to re-evaluate our actions and scrutinise the effects whether in a short duration or in the long term.

One can absolutely take pride in his/her success when remembering the decisions s/he took 2 years or even 20 years earlier.


5. Goals as the Direction of our Focus

Setting goals also means setting our mind, our heart and our soul to the target.  Upon setting our goals, we will understand how, where and when to utilize our skills and capabilities.

When a magnifying glass focuses the sunlight towards a leaf, the leaf becomes charred.  With our goals, the sunlight is our abilities whereas the magnifying glass is like our focus on the target -- the leaf, clearly, is the target. Without the magnifying glass (our focus), the target would never be reached in spite of the amount of heat the sunlight supplies (our capacities).

We can just get this kind of focus on our dreams then we will set the goals correctly at the start. Sometimes we cannot prevent the reality that our focus may alter.  When that happens we have to preserve and re-direct our focus to achieve our goals.

One of the ways of preserving focus is altering our way of life to reduce diversions.  Look at the things that distract you most in life.  Setting boundaries minimizes the resources we have to spend on interruptions and in turn, increases efficiency for us to deal with our goals.


"One half of knowing what you want is knowing what you must give up before you get it." -Sidney Howard


6. Goals to Develop Our Potentials

Our productive capacity is nurtured through our development by accomplishing the goals we set from the start. This indicates we should be setting the goals which are direct opportunities for us to broaden our understanding, sharpen our skills and enhance our experience.  Without such goals, we may not have the ability grow out of our comfort zone.

Because of not setting all types of goals or not having the suitable goals, some of our potential never grow or  remain simply locked within ourselves.

By contrast, the goals which we have actually set will enable us to challenge ourselves to adjust to brand-new environments and new scenarios. Setting specific expectations for ourselves will just encourage us to do our best and expand our limitations.

Weight loss or gain targets, running time, organisation revenues, and even following a prepared diet plan are all individual goals that challenge ourselves. Certainly, we reap what we sow and sometimes what we sow might be more than just the reward itself!


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