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There is no happiness except in the realization that we have accomplished something.
~Henry Ford

We all have goals. Whether you are  compulsive in goal setting or a carefree drifter, you have goals. Even if our desire is to avoid doing anything, we still have a goal. So the exhortation for someone to have goals is really moot. No one needs to tell you to have goals, you already have them. The extent to which you are effective in accomplishing your goals is a whole other story.

Goal setting helps us get what we want and to measure our progress toward an achievement. Within us all we have a strong need to get something done. More organized people might be very sophisticated in setting and tracking goals. We all know that the odds of accomplishing a goal are much higher when they are SMART, i.e… Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Real, and Timely. Just writing down goals can take you a long way to achieving them. Even if you don’t take the simple step of writing them down you will still have that inner pull to accomplish something. You’ll just become a lot more frustrated when you never get anything accomplished.


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Goal Setting And Your Purpose

Your Purpose is also driven by how well you set and accomplish goals. When your goal setting is focused, written, and visible you will ultimately accomplish more. On the other hand, a person with little sense of their goals, or someone who lets others set the goals and agenda of their life, has very little sense of their Purpose. This is the root of a lot of frustration I believe.

If you know your passion, if you know your Purpose, then get serious about setting goals. At the very least write them down and find a way to review them regularly. Without them you will perish and never fulfill the life you were designed to live.


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