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These days trauma has become a well known buzzword— but for valid reason.  The National Council for Mental Wellbeing states that at least 70% of adults in the US have experienced some sort of trauma at some point in their lives.   Perhaps one of the most difficult things about trauma isn’t actually the event itself— but the residue that it leaves behind and how adapting post trauma deeply impacts our life.  Since we can’t change the past, what can we do to overcome our trauma and not only find a place of safety and peace, but thrive in our lives moving forward?  Join us with Dr. Heidi Green as she helps us better understand our trauma.  Dr. Heidi will uncover what trauma actually is, why it affects us even in the aftermath and how our window of tolerance may be the key into forging a new path forward.   Come with us and let’s discover together how our trauma can be transformed. Website: Instagram: Facebook: Purchase Dr. Heidi’s book on Amazon: Join Dr. Heidi’s yoga retreat: