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So how do you start on your journey to living your passion driven Purpose?  In his 7 Habits book, Dr. Stephen Covey describes one of the Habits as Begin With The End in Mind. This is a helpful start for almost any pursuit. What he means is that we should think about the result we desire first, before we take any steps. By doing so we develop great clarity about how we can get there.

A powerful technique to do this is through visualization. High achievers in all sorts of endeavors use this techniques regularly. Top performing athletes use visualization as a training tool just as much as they use weights, nutrition, and physical conditioning. Gymnast and Olympic gold medalist Shannon Miller says about visualization... "The mental aspect has to kick in, especially when you’re talking about the best of the best. In the Olympic games, everyone is talented. Everyone trains hard. Everyone does the work. What separates the gold medalists from the silver medalists is simply the mental game.”

You may not be shooting for an Olympic medal, but visualizing your Purpose, seeing how your passion fits into your journey, can help train your brain to subconsciously keep you moving toward your ultimate goal – becoming the person you were meant to be and doing what you were designed to do.

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Here are three suggestions to help you make visualization a part of your plan.

Center down – get to a distraction free place or time where you can visually see yourself living your Purpose on a regular basis.

Say The Right Things – to yourself. When you find your mind drifting into unhealthy discontent, switch that thought pattern to channel into your passion.

Set Real Waypoint – don’t let wishes guide you. Be real about what you need to do move closer to living your Purpose. Use a tool like Goals On Track to keep you focused on the things that matter most.


Before you turn you attention to anything else, take five minutes right now and visualize yourself living your Purpose. Then write down the first things that come to your mind. By doing so you are already beginning with the end in mind!


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